Join Us for Worship

Saturday 3:30 pm

The first Saturday of each month is a healing service.


Join us on Wednesday evenings starting August 8th at 7pm
for a 12-week study of J. Lee Grady’s book, “Set My Heart on Fire.”

The Bible calls every Christian to experience the Spirit-filled life. But how is it possible to be filled with the Holy Spirit when life is so cluttered with temptations, struggles, and worldly distractions? It is only when we fully surrender to the Holy Spirit’s power that we can know God intimately and share His love with others. This book explains who the Holy Spirit is, what His role is in our lives, and how He moves in us and through us. The encouragement in this book could be the spark that will ignite a fire in your heart!
For more information, or to sign up, contact Pastor Debbi.